Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Diner Doll - The hype is real

Hello there my darlings! Ahhh I'm so super excited today, the final color of Angelic Pretty's Diner Doll print was released and it's so lovely!

I haven't been excited for any of Angelic Pretty's releases lately (a sentiment I share with my AP shop friend) however this one has us both really excited. I wonder how the rest of the lolita community feels about it?

I've been tracking this print ever since I saw it at Laforet in Harajuku, before the name was even released.
The first sighting of Diner Doll ♥‿♥
A few weeks ago the newest issue of Kera was released with some new views and an official name for the print~

And then today Gothic & Lolita Bible vol 60 was released! It didn't have a lot of information about Diner Doll but it did have a picture of the final colorway for this print which is pretty exciting~

Translation: The lovely & pop sweets pattern is an enjoyable cute lolita style♥ The large ribbon is also charming!
It's pretty funny that the headdress is on backwards. (*≧艸≦)

Both me and my friend are drooling over this OP in mint.

I'm really hoping that they are going to have custom lace on the bottom of this dress, as the dot net lace seems a bit long and awkward. But if they don't then I'll probably just remove it and replace it with some pleated dot tulle~

I can't wait for this series to come out, if I don't get it I'm gonna die.

I'll try to update if I find any more information about this print!

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