Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hiroko Tokumine - Lolita wedding dresses

What an exciting story I have for you all today!

While browsing Facebook recently, I had the pleasure of stumbling across Hiroko Tokumine, a designer of lolita style wedding dresses! Can you believe it?? Of course, I fell in love instantly and proceeded to visit her website and dream of all the dress coordinates I could make.

I've been a fan of wedding dresses for quite a few years but I've always found that many wedding dress designs lack a certain 'something' that makes them stand out from the rest of the designs out there. Likewise I've found it difficult to find dresses with giant full skirts which start at the natural waist. (Most of them are low waisted for some reason)

Hiroko Tokumine's designs however hit all the marks for me, they're cute, elegant, beautiful and so very lolita style!

© Hiroko Tokumine

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Diner Doll - The hype is real

Hello there my darlings! Ahhh I'm so super excited today, the final color of Angelic Pretty's Diner Doll print was released and it's so lovely!

I haven't been excited for any of Angelic Pretty's releases lately (a sentiment I share with my AP shop friend) however this one has us both really excited. I wonder how the rest of the lolita community feels about it?

I've been tracking this print ever since I saw it at Laforet in Harajuku, before the name was even released.
The first sighting of Diner Doll ♥‿♥

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sweet lolita swimsuit picks for Summer 2016

Hello everyone! It's been a while hasn't it~

Recently, I've moved to Japan yay! I'll be attending Japanese language school here and I'm living together with my boyfriend. Probably for the next few years we'll be moving between Japan and Australia until we settle down.

Since I've gotten back into lolita fashion and since I'm living in Japan (and thus am more inspired than ever) I've decided to start blogging about lolita related topics!

My post today will be about my top picks for lolita swimwear, since Summer is fast approaching (at least here in Japan) and the swimsuits are being released in droves~

I'm absolutely obsessed with swimwear and am always on the lookout for the frilliest, cutest bathing suits, usually it's a big challenge but this year has turned out very successful!