Sunday, June 8, 2014

Catchup: The past year!

   Hello there Sugar Dolls! I feel like I do this every year... haha. But I really do apologize for my lack of posts. ;u; I'm hoping this time will be different though! I already have a post lined up to post after this one as well as a list of ideas for future posts so now I won't be so stressed to come up with content.

   Recently I started making a series of videos on YouTube to teach Japanese language to fashion lovers but those also had to come to a pause because I ended up stressing myself out. But I'm still working on them so if you're following my Japanese lessons please be patient~

   Enough with my boring ranting, please enjoy these highlights from the past year! I'll have some new content for you shortly~ ♥

At Animethon 2013

Adele dalmatian sweater!!!

Lolita ice skating meetup for Christmas

With Mitsu (@32scooper) & Lila at Design Festa!

With Lila-chou in Harajuku! (And Bundiesss too, off camera)

Cutest furry I've ever seen! They were so sweet too~ [@ Design Festa]

I can't believe I met Qiqi at Design Festa!! ♥ ♥

About to blow out my Birthday Cake~

And an outfit shot for good measure.
   If you made it this far, thank you! I hope you'll stick around for more fun adventures~

Until next time Sugar Dolls!

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