Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Moving to Canada!

   It's finally happened my Sugar Dolls! After much worrying, stressing, hair pulling and worrying, I'm officially in Canada now~  o(*゚▽゚*)o

   The trip over was actually a lot smoother than I anticipated, despite my having four boxes and a suitcase to cart around, all by myself! I first had a domestic flight from Melbourne to Sydney so that wasn't too difficult, however getting from the Sydney domestic terminal to international proved to be a bit of a challenge... I ended up putting all of my boxes on one trolley then taking turns pushing my suitcase, then the trolley until I got to the taxi rank, then they had to special order a large taxi to fit all my boxes in.

   Once I arrived at the international terminal I loaded my boxes onto a trolley only to find that I had the luck of getting the one trolley that had a busted front wheel! (;´Д`) So turning around was almost entirely out of the question. Luckily I met a really nice girl who helped me to push it all the way to the check-in, thanks to my boxes I made a few friends in the check-in line for my flight as well so that was nice.

   The flight from Sydney to Vancouver was 14 hours! But it was really breezy, I slept most of the journey much to the amusement of the air hostesses. \(//∇//)\ When I arrived in Vancouver I had to go and get my visa which I was expecting to be a long process but it took longer to get to the counter than it took to actually get everything approved! Luckily in Vancouver they had a service which you could use to have your suitcases taken to the transfer dock for you, I got a really lovely older Fijian guy who talked to me the whole way through to the other side, although thinking about it I probably should have tipped him but I wasn't thinking clearly and tipping isn't a custom in Australia, I feel really bad now. (;*△*;)

Look at all those boxes!! And this was after I already threw a lot of stuff out.

   Before I left I had a large going away party so that I could say goodbye to all of my friends! I didn't get any pictures from that though because I was too busy having fun... I did take a picture while I was waiting for everyone to arrive though, +1 for stupid face making! Did you also notice...? I dyed my hair~~ It's pink and purple now, although it had faded a lot since this photo, the purple looks really nice though, I think i'm going to keep it really pale. (`・ω・´)”

   A couple of my close friends couldn't make it to my party sadly... so we organized to go out to dinner a few nights before I left Australia. We went to TGI Friday's, man oh man is it overpriced. (×_×;)But the deserts are delicious! 

Bye bye girls. (;___;)
   My friend Kat also gave me a dress as a going away present! I was so surprised and so happy, she is seriously one of the kindest people I know. ♥ ♥ ♥ As soon as I got home I tried it on and got Tilly to take a picture for me as I flopped on her new bed sheets. (Which are totally cute by the way, I want them!)

   All in all it was really sad to leave my friends, but I am happy with my new life in Canada! I'm settling in well and getting everything unpacked, although I still have a lot to sort out. It's hard work but I love it!  I'm working on getting my store stock shipped over so I can start making things again so please look forward to that too~

Until next time Sugar Dolls!

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  1. Congrats on the move! Would love to see an update for you soon.

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