Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Moving to Canada!

   It's finally happened my Sugar Dolls! After much worrying, stressing, hair pulling and worrying, I'm officially in Canada now~  o(*゚▽゚*)o

   The trip over was actually a lot smoother than I anticipated, despite my having four boxes and a suitcase to cart around, all by myself! I first had a domestic flight from Melbourne to Sydney so that wasn't too difficult, however getting from the Sydney domestic terminal to international proved to be a bit of a challenge... I ended up putting all of my boxes on one trolley then taking turns pushing my suitcase, then the trolley until I got to the taxi rank, then they had to special order a large taxi to fit all my boxes in.

   Once I arrived at the international terminal I loaded my boxes onto a trolley only to find that I had the luck of getting the one trolley that had a busted front wheel! (;´Д`) So turning around was almost entirely out of the question. Luckily I met a really nice girl who helped me to push it all the way to the check-in, thanks to my boxes I made a few friends in the check-in line for my flight as well so that was nice.

   The flight from Sydney to Vancouver was 14 hours! But it was really breezy, I slept most of the journey much to the amusement of the air hostesses. \(//∇//)\ When I arrived in Vancouver I had to go and get my visa which I was expecting to be a long process but it took longer to get to the counter than it took to actually get everything approved! Luckily in Vancouver they had a service which you could use to have your suitcases taken to the transfer dock for you, I got a really lovely older Fijian guy who talked to me the whole way through to the other side, although thinking about it I probably should have tipped him but I wasn't thinking clearly and tipping isn't a custom in Australia, I feel really bad now. (;*△*;)

Look at all those boxes!! And this was after I already threw a lot of stuff out.

   Before I left I had a large going away party so that I could say goodbye to all of my friends! I didn't get any pictures from that though because I was too busy having fun... I did take a picture while I was waiting for everyone to arrive though, +1 for stupid face making! Did you also notice...? I dyed my hair~~ It's pink and purple now, although it had faded a lot since this photo, the purple looks really nice though, I think i'm going to keep it really pale. (`・ω・´)”

   A couple of my close friends couldn't make it to my party sadly... so we organized to go out to dinner a few nights before I left Australia. We went to TGI Friday's, man oh man is it overpriced. (×_×;)But the deserts are delicious! 

Bye bye girls. (;___;)
   My friend Kat also gave me a dress as a going away present! I was so surprised and so happy, she is seriously one of the kindest people I know. ♥ ♥ ♥ As soon as I got home I tried it on and got Tilly to take a picture for me as I flopped on her new bed sheets. (Which are totally cute by the way, I want them!)

   All in all it was really sad to leave my friends, but I am happy with my new life in Canada! I'm settling in well and getting everything unpacked, although I still have a lot to sort out. It's hard work but I love it!  I'm working on getting my store stock shipped over so I can start making things again so please look forward to that too~

Until next time Sugar Dolls!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

80's Barbie Dress!

Hey all! Long time no see! I know I say this every time, but truthfully I have been VERY busy lately~

My boyfriend is visiting from Canada so I've been spending all of my time travelling with him and not doing much else. We traveled to Perth for New Years and then to Adelaide! (Which was totally awesome~)

But anyway! I did manage to find some time (and motivation) to make my first dress that I've sewn in ages. It's really gotten my confidence up with my sewing abilities.

I got this fabric purely out of love for the colors and design and had no idea what I was going to do with it. I just knew that I wanted it. Browsing tumblr I suddenly came across a picture of Barbie birthday cards that came with a dress for Barbie attached from the 80s/90s.

I then set out creating ideas in my head of exactly how I wanted to do it, because of course I didn't want to copy the Barbie dress exactly! While browsing through Tilly's vast collection of patterns I found an 80s evening dress pattern which with some shortening of the hem line would be just perfect.

And thus my creation was born! (Which I wore to the zoo today)

And view of the back, dat 80's V back.

Isn't it Spank!eriffic? The lace on the collar is iridescent as well. Ahh! The sash is just a piece of organza with little sparkle dots on it that I tied into a bow as I rushed out of the door this morning.

I have a lot of upcoming things planned to I'll be sure to keep you all updated.

Until next time Sugar Dolls!